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First Man Universal Pictures Official Trailer Released

Finally here’s the 1st First Man Official HD Trailer released 

Ryan Gosling is headed to space.

The first trailer for his next movie, “First Man,” debuted Friday night during “Jimmy Kimmel Live!,” showing Ryan as the first man to set foot on the moon, Neil Armstrong. It’s Damien Chazelle’s follow-up to “La La Land,” which scored both him and Gosling Oscars.

The trailer, in addition to giving the first glimpse of Gosling as Armstrong, also showed Claire Foy as his concerned wife, Janet. “This isn’t just another trip, Neil,” she tells her husband at one point. “You’re not just going to work.”

Indeed, the trailer focuses mostly on the dangers surrounding the risky Apollo 11 spaceflight. Neil Armstrong faces questions from politicians, and is even asked by his son, “Do you think you’re coming back?”

“First Man” debuted its first footage to theater owners at CinemaCon in April. There, Chazelle promised exhibitors that audiences would not only be taken on an “immersive journey,” going with Armstrong and his crew as they took their first steps on the moon, but to give a look at Neil and Janet’s difficult marriage.

In addition to Gosling and Foy, “First Man” also stars Pablo Schreiber, Kyle Chandler, and Jason Clarke. It’s set to fly into theaters on Oct. 12

Ryan Gosling Arrival and Shooting to promote First Man @ Jimmy Kimmel Live Studio L.A. June 7, 2018

Here’s a preview of Ryan Gosling’s Arrival to Jimmy Kimmel Live Studio in L.A. ‘ @ El Captain’ Theatre, to record the interview that it’s going to be aired tonight Friday June 8, 2018 on ABC at 8e/7c (USA time). Ryan was seen arriving to the studio in a denim jacket with a NASA logo emblazoned on the back, a graphic T-shirt and grey jeans. Stay tuned for more news and videos. More pics in the gallery link below:

Ryan Gosling is ready to blast off to space! Ryan was also spotted in a personalized space suit while promoting his upcoming Neil Armstrong biopic First Man on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Thursday (June 7) in Los Angeles. Ryan walked with Jimmy, who was also in a space suit, while holding his astronaut’s helmet filming a skit on the set.The movie, which co-stars Claire Foy and Corey Stoll, will hit theaters on October 12. Here’s a preview in miniatures of Ryan in a special outfit to premiere First Man trailer.

Check out the latest pics of Ryan Gosling clicking on Gallery Link image below:

First Poster of the Movie FIRST MAN shooted with IMAX in selected scenes

Here’s the first poster  for Damien Chazelle’s First Man starring Ryan Gosling! The latest film from Damien Chazelle that re-teams him with Ryan Gosling for the story of Neil Armstrong and his mission to the moon. Opening in U.S. theaters on October 12th. What do you think about it?

And now we wait for the trailer/teaser!

First Man Official Website

Links for the Official Social Pages of the Movie First Man if you want to turn on notifications:

Twitter: @FirstManMovie



Ryan attending the Universal Special Presentation of the Movie ‘First Man’ @ Cinema Con 2018 – Las Vegas, NV April 25, 2018

Ryan GoslingClaire Foy and Director Damien Chazelle speak onstage during CinemaCon 2018 for the Universal Pictures Special Presentation of the movie ‘First Man’ Featuring Footage from its Upcoming Slate @ the Colosseum Caesars Palace during CinemaCon, the official convention of the National Association of Theatre Owners. They showed to the audience the trailer of the Movie.

During the panel Ryan said: ‘It was a true honor to portray Neil Armstrong’

Here’s some positive comments from lucky journalists who had the incredible honor to watch the trailer:

  • The first trailer for First Man, the Neil Armstrong biopic starring Ryan Gosling and Claire Foy, from the Oscar-winning director of La La Land is GORGEOUS. Very immersive, placing the audience through the early days of NASA, in pods, parachutes, and the moon landing. Wow!
  • Incredible first look at @DSChazelle’s First Man documenting the anguish and responsibility of Neil Armstrong and the first team on the moon. Can’t wait to see this!
  •  Trailer for First Man, Damien Chazelle-Ryan Gosling re-teaming about Neil Armstrong works all the angles – the Dad, the technological, the geopolitical. Tough from footage to tell how much it will be differentiated from a traditional biopic.
  • Ryan Gosling as Neil Armstrong, Claire Foy and LALA LAND director Damian Chezelle are teaming up for FIRST MAN. The trailer was intense, it had a vintage, Cold War-era aesthetic, and the final shot will give you chills. Can’t wait to see it!
  • FIRST MAN trailer looked FANTASTIC. Starts with Gosling singing. Dramatic voiceover. Then ramps up into thriller territory. Major Oscar player. Felt a little Malick-y at times. Suggests that Chazelle’s next step will be a mega-tentpole.
  •  FIRST MAN trailer reminded me of that first INTERSTELLAR trailer. Looks intense, gorgeously photographed. Not as much space footage as I expected.

La La Land director Damien Chazelle wants to remind everyone just how dangerous the Apollo 11 mission was the wrap. Films like “Apollo 13” and “Gravity” have delved into the deadly risks astronauts take when they go into space, but Damien Chazelle will show how those disasters impacted the most famous astronaut of all time, Neil Armstrong, in “First Man,” his upcoming film starring Ryan Gosling as the famed Apollo 11 Continue reading

Blade Runner 2049

Here’s a collection of videos about the movie ‘Blade Runner 2049’ Interviews, Making of, Featurettes and BTS … Enjoy!

If you want to Bring home Blade Runner 2049 on Digital and Blu-Ray Buy Now here

Blade Runner 2049 winner of 2 Academy Awards, L.A. 4 March, 2018

The movie Blade Runner 2049 (2017) directed by Denis Villeneuve has won 2 Academy Awards for Best Visual effects and Best Cinematography. Congrats to Master PD Roger Deakins and to the Visual effects Team of the movie. Just a remind … the movie Blade Runner 2049 was nominated for five Academy Awards Categories.

Ryan Gosling @ the L.A. Opera Celebrating Eva’s Mendes Bday, L.A. 4 March, 2018

Eva Mendes  loves Greek plays and Ryan took her to the ballet at L.A. Opera to watch a special rehearsal of the Joffrey Ballet Company to celebrate her birthday!

Ryan Gosling is in the 1st picture with @mironov_maxim, Maestro @JamesJConlon, @Lisette_Oropesa, Liv Redpath, and Director, Choreographer, and Designer John Neumeier and in the 2nd with the  Joeffrey Baller Company. Ryan is such a lovely partner, Isn’t he? He would everything to please his lady!

Both pics were taken on March 4th, 2018.  (Photo credito to Arya Roshanian, Content Specialist at LA Opera).

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