Few Days ago I launched on my social pages dedicated to Ryan on IG and Twitter this idea:

“Hi Guys I need your help:  As You all know Ryan’s Bday is in less than ten 10 days (November 12) and he’s gonna turn 38. I was thinking about Something but I need your help to do It … Ok listen to Me … I’d like to make a video including all your messages for Ry, showing how much he means to you, whishing him happy Bday etc. … your message has to be in English and you can include your username or be anonymous (as u prefer) You can send me a video message or text message IMPORTANT Not long please only few lines, a short text message (max 120 characters) or video. If you want to join me in this Video Surprise you only have to DM me … C’mon I’m waiting for your Messages. The DEADLINE is November 10. I’m gonna publish the video on my pages dedicated to Ryan … Maybe he’s going to watch it or maybe not Who knows … but the important thing to me it’s showing our love to The best human being on earth”

And this is the result …

Two Different Videos cause I had so many requests and GUYS I REALLY WANNA THANK YOU ALL!

Ry this is our way to wish u a very Special Birthday. We want to celebrate Your Day from all over the world. Happy birthday to this gorgeous man! You stole our Hearths and never gave them back. From your Fans with Love. Hope u are safe with your family. We really hope u can see our for You cause it’s our way to show u how much we love u!

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