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Message posté par ryangoslingup le 13 Nov 2018

Few Days ago I launched on my social pages dedicated to Ryan on IG and Twitter this idea:

“Hi Guys I need your help:  As You all know Ryan’s Bday is in less than ten 10 days (November 12) and he’s gonna turn 38 🎂 I was thinking about Something but I need your help to do It … Ok listen to Me … I’d like to make a video including all your messages for Ry, showing how much he means to you, whishing him happy Bday etc. … your message has to be in English and you can include your username or be anonymous (as u prefer) You can send me a video message or text message IMPORTANT Not long please only few lines, a short text message (max 120 characters) or video. If you want to join me in this Video Surprise you only have to DM me … C’mon I’m waiting for your Messages. The DEADLINE is November 10 👍🏻 I’m gonna publish the video on my pages dedicated to Ryan … Maybe he’s going to watch it or maybe not Who knows … but the important thing to me it’s showing our love to The best human being on earth ❤️“

and … this is the result

2 Different Videos cause I had so many requests and GUYS I REALLY WANNA THANK YOU ALL! 

Ry this is our way to wish u a very Special Birthday 🎂 … We want to celebrate Your Day from all over the world … Happy birthday to this gorgeous man! You stole our ❤️s and never gave them back … From your Fans with Love. Hope u are safe with your family 🙏 … We really hope u can see our 🎁 for You cause it’s our way to show u how much we love u!