Ryan Gosling attended the Universal panel @ CinemaCon in Las Vegas on April 26, 2023 alongside Emily Blunt & director David Leitch.

Universal Pictures and Focus Features are teaming up to take the main stage at CinemaCon by storm! Toward the end of the dual presentation, details concerning David Leitch’s The Fall Guy took the center spotlight. The presentation includes an amazing stunt show, cast and crew comments, and The Fall Guy trailer debut.

The 87North stunt team walked onto the stage while a guy on a motorcycle zipped across the stage, dragging someone behind, while people did parkour around him. Then a crew came out with balded weapons – swords and sais. After an impressive display of skill, a guy with a bo staff took them all out.

David Leitch took the stage, while Ryan Gosling and Emily Blunt repelled down on ropes, only it was their stunt doubles. The actual Gosling and Blunt performed a skit where they refused to come out because it looked too dangerous. “Is it safe,” Gosling asked. “We don’t engage in that kind of horseplay,” said Blunt.

“It was a shocking thing that anyone would break up with you,” Blunt joked with Gosling. “But there are many reasons, too many to name.” Gosling said it was “a huge honor to step into the footsteps of the iconic Lee Majors,” and also took time to shout out his stunt doubles and performers who helped with his action scenes, from being set on fire to a high fall from a helicopter. “That’s what I love so much about this film. Most films, the actors get all the credit and the stunt performers do all the hard work. That ends today.”


Exclusive Footage Description: CinemaCon 2023 got the very first exclusive look at The Fall Guy, adaptation of the 1981 action-adventure television series of the same name. Leitch says the project hits close to home since the story gives an inside look into the life of hard-working stunt people.

Attention! Spoilers Ahead:

Ryan plays retired stunt performer Colt Seavers, who gets called back into the film industry by her ex-girlfriend (Emily Blunt) who’s about to direct her feature debut. Her feature is a Mad Max-like space opera led by the hottest action hunk in Hollywood (Aaron Taylor-Johnson) and she needs Colt to be his stunt double. Gosling’s Colt is blonde with a dark beard, and he looks similar to Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s character, whose a total jerk and party freak. Colt Seavers agrees in the hopes of possibly winning back his former lover. He’s hyped up on the set of the film by the assistant director (Winston Duke) as the best stuntman around. Blunt really puts him through the wringer with tough challenges on set, from getting flipped in cars to getting set on fire over and over again, as a petty way of getting back at him. There is clearly still some romantic tension between the two, making it hilariously awkward for everyone else on set. When Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s egotistical action star goes mysteriously missing, maybe due to his affiliations with the criminal underground, the feature film at hand is at huge risk of being shut down. Thus, Colt Seavers goes out of his way to go out and save him from Hollywood’s dirty underbelly in order to save the production and, ultimately, the relationship with his ex.

Furthermore, the footage revealed Hannah Waddingham’s character, Colt’s talent agent, and Stephanie Hsu’s role as what appears to be one of Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s party friends who’s involved in his disappearance. The Fall Guy feels noticeably different from David Leitch’s past work while still carrying his engaging comedic tone. The film goes back and forth between the world of the in-movie dystopian space opera and the ugly side of Hollywood, which makes for some awesome visuals. Ryan Gosling’s charisma is on full display and his take on Colt Seavers also allows him to let loose and be a bit more unserious at times as he embraces his love of being a stuntman. Overall, The Fall Guy could very well shape up to be David Leitch’s best film yet.

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