Book Soup And The City Arts Division Discussion And Signing For “Congo Stories” Book Event 

In the Photo Ryan Gosling, John Prendergast, Chouchou Namegabe, Fidel Bafilemba

December 10th it’s an important day for the mankind … We celebrate the International Human Rights Day. Ryan, as u all know, has always been involved in good causes as this one ‘CONGO STORIES’ BOOK TOUR: Meet the authors and contributors of “Congo Stories” at special book events in cities across the U.S.. The tour started yesterday  in L.A.

The pictures of this Book were taken by Ryan During his travel in East Congo in 2010 for the @EnoughProject with John Prendergast, the co-founder of the Enough Project and with the Enough field analyst Fidel Bafilembaf. Ryan attended on December 10 the presentation of the book ‘Congo Stories: Battling Five Centuries of Exploitation and Greed’ in two different locations in L.A.:

  • Book Soup and the City of West Hollywood’s WeHo Reads presented John Prendergast and Fidel Bafilemba with Ryan Gosling and Chouchou Namegabe, to discuss and sign “Congo Stories” Book at 7:00 pm at The City Council Chambers ‘West Hollywood Library’
  • The Promise Institute for Human Rights of the ‘UCLA School of Law’ presented the Q&A & Book Signing at Fowler Museum at UCLA at 12 pm of the book ‘Congo Stories’ to celebrate the 70th anniversary of #UDHR. Stay Tuned for next Stop Washington D.C.

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