We were waiting for this news since a bit. We  finally know that there’s something after First Man Project.

During an interview in Venice Ryan said he had few things he was working on (talking about directing again), then during the #Tiff18 First Man press conference he said he was working on a new directorial project and now another news about the new Ry’s work as Director …
Ryan Gosling is working again with cinematographer Benoît Debie (the DP in his first movie as Director ‘Lost River’) on a new project as Director. To a French magazine ‘Cinema Teaser’ Debie said:

“I have a new project with Ryan Gosling. Its financing isn’t complete and Ryan told me that Netflix offered to produce it, on the condition that he would shoot it digital. And necessarily not releasing it in theaters or barely. I told him I found it was a pity and he agreed,” said Debie.

Please go read more in the article below here’s the link for the ‘Playlist’ full Article

What a News … what’s the idea behind this new project ? Who’s gonna Cast? What’s the plot?
We have no Infos right now. But here’s a recap of what we know about his past projects never realized, maybe Ryan is going to develop one of these two below:

In 2014 we heard a rumor, confirmed by several cinema media sources, about Ryan who was producing with Marc Platt and Ken Kao a biopic about Busby Berkeley based on the book  ‘Buzz: The Life and Art of Busby Berkeley ‘by Jeffrey Spivak. 

Even if you don’t know the name Busby Berkeley, you’ve likely seen his work (or something inspired by it). During Hollywood’s classic era, the director and choreographer created some of the most visually daring, beautiful and gorgeous musical and dance numbers, elevating the form to a level that others would try to match for decades (up to now). Warner Bros. has snapped up the rights to Jeffrey Spivak‘s book “Buzz: The Life and Art of Busby Berkeley” for Gosling and Marc Platt—the pair also worked on “Drive“—to produce, with Ry also looking at the project to star in and direct. And beyond the visual potential and behind-the-scenes Hollywood tale it promises, Berkeley’s life was no less dazzling.

Busby Berkeley 


In 2017 ’Variety’ announced that Ryan, Ken Kao, and Anonymous Content bought the rights to produce a movie adaptation for a Canadian graphic novel ghost story published by Top Shelf Productions written and drawn by Jeff Lemire called ‘The Underwater Welder’. The New York Times bestseller details a man in the dangerous profession of underwater welding, who has a supernatural encounter at the bottom of the sea. Lemire, Chris Staros (Editor–in–Chief at the Top Shelf imprint) and Ted Adams (CEO at IDW Publishing) are attached as executive producers. The main character, Jack Joseph, is an offshore oil rig worker responsible for scuba-diving and repairing the rig. On shore, his wife is pregnant with their unborn son and Jack feels the pressure of impending fatherhood. On one dive, Jack encounters a supernatural presence at the bottom of the sea that puts him in contact with the ghost of his own father. The story explores themes dealing with the relationship between father and sons and memory and reality.

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