Damien Chazelle is already in Telluride to present the North American premiere of the movie  FirstMan @ the 45th edition of this movie festival and new rave reviews are coming out since the first screening was held yesterday at Werner Herzog Theatre.
By now there’s No official confirmation about Ryan’s presence. Today On sept. 1st after the second screening of the movie at Palm a Q&A is scheduled but Ryan’s name on Telluride App doesn’t appear Only Damien Chazelle & Josh Singer names as presence. Today 2 screenings are expected the other one is at Galaxy theatre. The last screening is scheduled tomorrow at Chuck Jones Cinema.

That’s what Scott Mantz said: FIRST MAN is BRILLIANT! WOW!! Riveting, intense, visceral, gritty & powerful!! Never seen the Space Race on film like this! A total deconstruction of the Apollo Program! #DamienChazelle has topped himself! #RyanGosling is superb, #ClaireFoy is amazing!

And Anne Thompson on the movie: Damien Chazelle’s First Man is a superb mission to the Moon movie anchored by the POV of Neil Armstrong, well-played with intense understatement by Ryan Gosling. “Is it accurate?” was the question in the #telluride line. I will ask the filmmaker tomorrow.

Stay tuned for more news from Telluride!

Update: Ryan didn’t attend the Telluride Film Festival as you can see from this picture below only Damien Chazelle, Justin Hurwitz, Josh Singer and Linus Sandgren did.

But we can say that First Man is launched into serious Oscar contention by a successful North American premiere at the Telluride Film Festival.

The crowd at Friday evening’s Herzog Theatre screening of the massively ambitious film seemed riveted for all 140 minutes of its runtime, and offered a healthy dose of applause when it ended.

Someone’s missing tho, Emma & Damien Reunited!

Update: Ryan didn’t attend Telluride FF because he was in Italy celebrating her mother’s Donna renewing wedding vows.

Ryan wasn’t there but thanx to Emma there was a bit of Ry in this Telluride FF edition:

Read this article and watch the video to find out how much Emma admires Our Ryan. Emma Stone talking about Ryan Gosling  @ TELLURIDE FILM Festival said ‘I can’t even imagine what life would be if I hadn’t met Ryan’ Links: Article & Video

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