Next Appointment on Ryan’s Agenda

According to some news next Ryan’s movie project should be ‘The actor’ which is currently in pre-production stage.

Everything we know so far about this film:

Ryan Gosling is set to star and produce The movie ‘The Actor, an adaptation of Donald E. Westlake’s novel ‘Memory’.

Duke Johnson will direct the film and produce with Abigail Spencer under their Innerlight Films production banner. Ryan, who will also produce alongside Ken Kao, will play the lead role of Paul Cole, who must deal with his damaged memory as he struggles to rebuild his life after being left for dead and hospitalized in 1950s Ohio.

Cole follows a thrilling journey to find home, love and ultimately himself. Ryan’s and Kao’s partnership follows their recent project announcements of Phil Lord and Chris Miller’s Project Hail Mary at MGM, and Leigh Whannell’s Wolfman at Universal.

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It’s a Wrap for the Gray Man!

The Gray Man officially wrapped production on July 21st after 92 days of filming!

Filming started on March 16 in Long Beach, CA and from there, production moved to multiple other locations including Los Angeles, France, and Prague. The film is expected to release in the spring/summer of 2022!

Ryan Gosling shooting The Gray Man in Europe

The Gray Man wrapped filming in L.A. and moved the set in Europe. First stop France! The gray man movie filmed night sequences from June 12 to June 15 and from June 18 to 20 in Chantilly (France). The shooting took place within the grounds of the castle and Ryan was spotted there.

Ryan was not alone in France but in the company of Eva Mendes and her beloved daughters! Many people also saw them having fun at Disneyland Paris!

Second stop in Europe is Prague, where filming is still going on and the city center has been literally taken by storm and many action scenes will take place in this city!

The Gray Man Prague production officially kicked off on June 27th and will run through July 20, and scenes for the action thriller will be shot entirely in Prague, with many taking place on exterior locations in the city center.


Ryan Gosling on ‘The Gray Man’ Set

Ryan Gosling is seen filming his upcoming movie ‘The Gray Man’.

The actor was photographed in multiple days shooting different scenes.

Here’s a preview… More photos on my gallery.


‘The Gray Man’ Cast Update & News

According to Deadline, the project is set to be Netflix’s most expensive yet, with a “budget upward of $200 million” and franchise plans in the works à la James Bond. (Great news for Page fans who can already envision him in a 007 role.) That budget seems to have helped Netflix procure some serious star power, from the cast to the crew behind the scenes. Here is everything we know about The Gray Man so far.

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Happy 40th Birthday Ryan!

Ryan Gosling to Star in Untitled Stuntman Movie

After a heated auction, Universal Pictures has landed a package for an untitled drama that has David Leitch directing Ryan Gosling. Drew Pearce, who wrote for Universal the Leitch-directed hit Fast and Furious spinoff Hobbs & Shaw, is set to write the script. The deal is seven figures.

Guymon Casady is producing through Entertainment 360, along with Gosling producing through his company and 87North partner Kelly McCormick. Several other studios also were in the mix including Netflix, Paramount and MGM. Universal has a strong relationship with Leitch and McCormick, whose 87North is in a first-look deal there.

The movie is based on ‘The Fall Guy’ which was originally created by Glen A. Larson, the prolific TV producer, and starred Lee Majors as a Hollywood stunt man who, to make ends meets, has a side hustle as a bounty hunter.

Ryan Gosling’s new movie project ‘Memory Police’

In a recent Variety interview Charlie Kaufman (I’m Thinking of Ending Things) has revealed that he is currently writing a script for a psychological thriller about dreams, called ‘Memory Police,’ for Ryan Gosling’s production company with Ryan also set to star in it.

“Memory Police” is “a script about dreams” and based on Yōko Ogawa’s 1994 Japanese novel of the same name. Variety reports the project is in development with Ryan Gosling’s production company Arcana.

Source: Variety

Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans to Star in the Largest Budget Nexflix Original So Far: ‘The Gray Man’

Fresh from an earnings report that saw it add 10 million subscribers during the pandemic, Netflix has just set its most financially ambitious feature film so far. Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans are set to star in The Gray Man, with AGBO’s Joe & Anthony Russo directing their first blockbuster since setting the all-time global box office record with Avengers: Endgame two years ago. The intention here is to create a new franchise with a James Bond level of scale and a budget upward of $200 million.

The Russos’ AGBO is producing, and the script was written by Joe Russo, with a polish by Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely, who scripted the Russo-directed Captain America and Avengers films and who are Co-Presidents of Story at AGBO. It is based on the 2009 Mark Greaney novel that introduced the Gray Man, a freelance assassin and former CIA operative named Court Gentry.

The film will be produced by AGBO’s Russo Brothers and Mike Larocca, along with Joe Roth and Jeff Kirschenbaum for Roth Kirschenbaum. They are eyeing a January start date in Los Angeles with international locations being finalized.

The action thriller is a deadly duel between killers as Gentry (Gosling) is hunted across the globe by Lloyd Hansen (Evans), a former cohort of Gentry’s at the CIA. The Gray Man turned into a bestselling book series, and the expectation is that Gosling will continue in multiple installments. The project was developed years back at New Regency as a Brad Pitt/James Gray vehicle, but it stalled. The Russos quietly have been developing it for years.

“The movie is a real mano a mano between those two great actors who represent two different versions of the CIA, in what it can be, and what it can do,” Anthony Russo told Deadline. “For those who were fans of Captain America: Winter Soldier, this is us moving into that territory in more of a real-world setting. That’s what this movie really means for us.”

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Ryan Gosling set to play in a new Universal reboot of the movie ‘The Wolfman’

Ryan Gosling Will Star as ‘Wolfman,’ the Latest Monster Movie from Universal according to @Variety.

Months after Universal successfully relaunched its monster universe with Elisabeth Moss’s “The Invisible Man,” the studio is pushing ahead for “Wolfman” — which is being developed as a starring vehicle for Ryan Gosling — to be the next movie based on its catalog of iconic creatures.

Sources tell Variety that executives at Universal have been meeting with directors over the past month and could be making a decision soon on who will take the reins behind the camera. While there is no frontrunner at the time, Cory Finley, who recently received rave reviews for directing HBO’s drama “Bad Education” with Hugh Jackman and Allison Janney, is said to be in the mix for the job. According to the source Ryan was also set to direct the movie but then studios decided the best for him was to focus only on the acting job.

It’s unknown what the new take on “Wolfman” will look like, though it is believed to be set in present times and in the vein of Jake Gyllenhaal’s thriller “Nightcrawler,” and Sidney Lumet ‘Anchorman’, with an obvious supernatural twist. Ryan should play an anchorman who is going to be infected.

The “Wolfman” script, per Variety, comes from Lauren Schuker Blum and Rebecca Angelo, who served as writers on Netflix’s flagship series “Orange Is the New Black” but the original pitch is from Ryan.

Timing for “Wolfman” is also in question. While it seems to be in good position to get off the ground, an exact production start date is still up in the air. Besides the fact that Gosling himself would have to close a deal to star, he is also currently set to lead an untitled astronaut film at MGM. That movie, an adaptation of “The Martian” author Andy Weir’s upcoming novel, recently hired Phil Lord and Chris Miller to direct. By all accounts, that seems to Gosling’s next project.

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