Ryan was a singer and song writer years before Dead Man’s Bones experience. In the early 2000s he used to play in L.A. clubs and upload songs on his ‘My Space’ Channel.

You can listen to the songs by clicking on the title

Put me in the car 

Helpless: Cover Song written by the great Canadian Artist Neil Young.

You’re My Favorite Song

Ryan  also wrote  3  songs for the movie ‘Wild Roomies’ with AJ Buckley: Touch Me,  Wake and The Pick Up Song

Soul Decision was a Canadian band formed by Trevor Guthrie, a good friend of Ryan. While recording their album“No one does it better”, Ryan recorded the ‘Na Na Na …” chorus in the song.

Ryan Singing in his movies Soundtrack Credits:

2017 Song to Song (performer: “For Your Precious Love”, “Take Your Burden to the Lord”, “A Love Song”, “It Hurts to Be Alone”)

2016 La La Land (performer: “A Lovely Night”, “City of Stars (Pier)”, “City of Stars”)

2014 The Stairs (Short) (writer: “In the Room Where You Sleep”)

2014 Lost River (performer: “Lost River Dance”)

2013 The Conjuring (writer: “In the Room Where You Sleep”)

2012 The Place Beyond the Pines (performer: “Borriquito”)

2012 Dollhouse (writer: “Lose Your Soul”, “Dead Hearts”)

2011 Cinema 3 (TV Series) (performer – 1 episode) Episode dated 26 May 2011 (2011)

2010 Blue Valentine (performer: “Unicorn Tears”, “Smoking Gun Bleeding Knives”, “You Always Hurt the One You Love”) / (writer: “Unicorn Tears”, “Smoking Gun Bleeding Knives”). Ryan sings and plays ukulele for the song ‘You Always Hurt The One You Love’ a song from 1959 written by Allan Roberts. His cover is in the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack.

Here’s the ‘Blue Valentine’ clip ‘You always Hurt the one you love’

2007 Lars and the Real Girl (Performer LOVE By Nat King Cole)

2004 Wild Roomies (writer: “The Pickup Song”, “Touch Me”, “Wake”)

I want to add to this list The Place Beyond the Pines (2013) Ryan sings in Spanish ‘Borriquito’. The song was written and sang by Peret in 1971.

La La Land (2016)

Ryan, as u all know, sings with Emma Stone ‘A lovely Night’ and ‘City of Stars’. He also plays jazz piano for real in the movie … What a man!
The composer of the OST of the movie Justin Hurwitz won 2 Grammys Awards in 2018 for best composition soundtrack and best score soundtrack for visual media.
‘City of Stars’ Song was nominated @ Grammys Awards 2018 in the category ‘Best Song Written For Visual Media’.

Song to Song (2016)

Ryan and the singer Lykke li, who plays a Ry’s Character former girlfriend in the movie, sing together an intimate cover of “It Hurts to Be Alone” by Bob Marley and the Wailers. Gosling plays along on a mini Casio keyboard (a step down from that baby grand he worked as a jazz pianist in La La Land).
He also sings another cover song in the movie the 1961 Del Shannon hit.

First Man (2018)

Read this trivia about First Man OST and what Ryan says:

“So I was trying to look for points of connection,” Gosling says, cracking a smile notable only for the way it upsets the symmetry of his famous face. “Because, you know, I couldn’t connect to his genius, or courage, or bravery, or…the list goes on. But: I am a fan of the theremin.…” The theremin—that goofiest of electronic instruments, responsible for the schlocky warbling you might associate with, say, the on-screen arrival of an alien in a ’50s sci-fi movie—turned out to be this can opener of a detail for Gosling, providing him improbable ingress to the notoriously walled-off soul of the enigmatic astronaut. While reading First Man, Gosling learned that Armstrong had taken a theremin-rich piece of music with him to the moon aboard Apollo 11, an album that he and his wife Janet had enjoyed at home, called, of all things, Music Out of the Moon.Gosling was sweet on the theremin, too; he’d bought one a few years earlier and tried to learn to play it before giving up pretty quickly. So in the least likely of places, then: a shared interest, and a personal handgrip for Gosling into Armstrong-the-man as opposed to just Armstrong-the-American-hero-hologram. The first song on the album, “Lunar Rhapsody,” proved to be a keystone for other contributors as well. Screenwriter Josh Singer built a pair of rhyming scenes around “Lunar Rhapsody”—one at home, an intimate exchange between Neil and Janet; the other in space during the Apollo 11 mission—tying together the two hemispheres of the film. And Hurwitz, the composer on First Man,too, used the theremin to drive the score. Chazelle says, “I just intellectually loved that it evoked the ’50s sci-fi that in a way was the vision of the moon before people actually walked on the moon, and turned it into reality. It’s a good example of what Ryan and I were trying to get at, of just finding ways to have that connection between the sort of insane cosmic adventure and the little pieces of quotidian detail, like a piece of music that Neil and Janet would’ve liked, that kind of highway between those two things.”

Barbie (2023) (performer: “I’m Just Ken”. He also sings a cover song in the movie the 1997 song “Push” by Matchbox Twenty, the latter of which Ken adopts as his favorite song after visiting the real world, which becomes “a tongue-in-cheek anthem of patriarchal dominance” in the fictional Barbieland.)

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Here’s “I’m Just Ken” Music Video