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Message posté par ryangoslingup le 09 Jan 2019

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‘First Man’ Blu-Ray Bonus Feature Takes Ryan Gosling to Space Camp (Exclusive Clip) courtesy of Universal Pictures and thanx to Space.com to post this 📽.

“Everything here is from the moon,” says one NASA technician showing Ryan Gosling around. “Seeing the Apollo 11 capsule was really wonderful to help ground us in the reality of it,” Ry said.

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‘The look of First Man’ Video Courtesy of Universal Pictures.

The movie is available on Digital HD from Jan. 8 and will be available on 4K Blu-ray, Blu-ray and DVD from Jan. 22.

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Ryan Gosling Gets Dragged Across a Field Multiple Times in ‘First Man’ Stunt (📽 credit to Universal Pictures and ET online.com) .