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Message posté par ryangoslingup le 07 Oct 2018

Ryan Gosling attended with the rest of the First Man Cast the ’BAFTA’ Members screening of the movie in London at Cineworld Imax Leicester Square on Sept. 26, 2018
Here’s a preview, for more HQ pics of the event go visit my website Gallery link below and for some videos from London Hotel Corinthia Press Junkets go visit my YouTube Channel ‘Ryan Gosling Page 👉🏻 here





On Sept. 27 Ryan and Claire Foy Went to the BBC Studio in London to record some interviews. Here’s some 📸 more in the gallery link below





Later in the late evening on Sept. 27 Ryan recorded the Graham Norton Show. The show was aired on Sept. 28 on BBC 1. On the famous red couch Ry was in company with other celebs such as Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper.
Here’s a preview. Streaming link for the full show here 👉🏻 Video

Bafta Screening HQ Pics 👉🏻 Bafta

BBC Studio HQ Pics 👉🏻 BBC 

Graham Norton Show HQ pics 👉🏻 GNS